Life Time Guarantee: Varmora presents its product with a life time guarantee. Varmora products are guaranteed to execute under domestic use for the life time of product.

Varmora products are guaranteed against chipping, cracking or breaking under non commercial use. If in any case non-availability, a particular color of part in the original product cannot be provided we will provide a matching color. If we cannot find a matching color, the customer will be requested to give back all the parts of the old product and have new products of a same design but new color.

If due to non availability of any product during replacement. Varmora will pleased to give comparable product in volume or full credit to the value of the last recommended retail price of that item, towards future purchase of the Varmora products.
Life Time Guarantee Cover as follow:
  • Manufacturing quality issues like wrapping, stress, cracking, peeling, splitting, and any specific functional issues in normal non-commercial use covered by Life Time Guarantee.
  • Any exceptions to the above will clearly be intimated at the time of sale.
Replacement Circumstances: Base:
  • rack through gate
  • Deformation of side wall
  • Crack due to stress at bottom
  • Locking issues
  • Short shot or any manufacturing defect
  • Crack at Handle
  • Hinge crack
  • Loose fit
  • Peeling
  • Hinge Damage
  • Bulging or caving
  • Crack at grooves
  • Crack at tab
  • Crack through side weld
Life Time Guarantee is not covered under as follow :
  • Issues like Scratching, staining, melting on exposure to hot plate excess heat, burning, blistering in microwave application impact damage due to knocking/hitting by hard objects, rusting, insects bite. Dustmite (micro-organisms present in the environment, non seen by naked eye etc…)
  • Breakage of products due to mishandling/accident drops on floor.
  • Printing on any products, bags, straps, pouches etc. are not covered by life time guarantee.
  • Any product or part damaged are not covered by our guarantee may be purchase individually.
Non Replacement Cases : Base :
  • Stains from food
  • Crack from high impact. Such type of cracks may not start from opening to gate.
  • Melting due to heat exposure
  • Bubbles/ spot marks due to overheat in microwave.
  • Hard water scale formation
  • Scratches due to mishandling/ washing
  • Stickiness due to poor maintenance/ cleaning
  • Melting due overheating
  • Cuts by sharp tools.
  • Biting of Human, Insects or animals
  • LLDPE seal usage in microwave
  • Scratches due to mishandling
  • Staining from food