Varmora Group is one of India's biggest multi-disciplinary business establishments with its headquarters in Morbi, Gujarat. Since its inception in 1993, the Varmora Group has successfully diversified into multiple divisions including Varmora Granito, Varmora Flex, Varmora Fastener and Varmora InfoTech, with a clear vision to build a corporation that would set new standards for excellence. We are committed to provide high-quality products and services efficiently to our esteemed customers and clients.

We are devoted to making our presence felt in the rising plastics industry with the existing level of commitment and excellence. Varmora Plastech is gradually but steadily evolving into a globally known brand through its innovative, attractive and consumer friendly product range. Our continual success and growth is an indication of our pursuit of excellence as a brand. At Varmora Plastech, we prioritize health and promote the need for adapting to a quality lifestyle to our customers. Our products strive to facilitate better health and eating right daily. Varmora Plastech is proud to have incorporated the relation between food and living as a trademark concept.

The range of Varmora Plastech products are superior in quality and highly durable. They are designed to be both functional and eye catching. The range includes – plastic containers, lunch boxes, water bottles, steel flasks, oil cans, waste bins, crates, pallets and storage tanks and high quality plastic furniture, which are manufactured in our completely automatic plant using premium materials and cutting edge technology.

Our products are available in various shapes, sizes as well as colours which can be customized according to the market demands. The products we offer, have been highly acclaimed from our clients and customers. They have praised our range for its durability, attractiveness, ease of carrying and environment friendliness.

All our products are made to ensure comfort during usage and come with detailed information on their characteristics. Each product is easy to use, store and handle. We at Varmora Plastech, understand that comfort and accessibility are the essence of plastic products in today’s modern time. While designing products, we keep in mind the needs of the masses and the utility required. Our products are suited for all segments of society ranging from school kids, collegians, working men and women, businessmen, housewives and senior citizens. We promise that our products will make your hectic life certainly more convenient. varmora plastech provide homeware produts like Bottle, Plastic bottle, Plastic lunch, Steel lunch, Lunch box, Tiffin, Containers, Plastic container, Storage container, Bath set, Kitchenware, Bucket, Airtight container, Vacuum bottle, Thermo flask, Casserole, Water jug and many other.


Varmora Plastech Division



Our vision at Varmora Plastech is to promote healthy and convinient lifestyle among families across the globe.  


To produce and market superior quality hygenic homeware and furniture products at competitive prices so that every family can afford them.  

Core Values

1) Excellence

We must constantly strive to improve ourselves, our teams, our services and our products to become the best in the industry. Various criteria's on which excellence can be defined such as Perfect Product, Efficiency, Service, Process, Competence, Management, Technology, etc.

2) Happiness for all

We constantly meet the expectations of all our stakeholders like customers, employees, vendors, society, etc.

3) Speed of execution

We look upon speed as responding to internal and external customers with a sense of urgency. We shall continuously seek to crash timelines and ensure expeditious completion of our tasks. Through this value, we hope to build an agile and proactive organization that is prompt to respond to the present and future needs of our customers.

4) Teamwork

As a team, we must act upon together, understand, complement, add value & help each other to reach a predefined common purpose

5) Mutual respect/ dignity

We treat everyone as equal human being, regardless of grade, role, and functionality internal/ external. We respect each other, make an effort to understand & work towards building mutual trust. We value & encourage difference of opinion