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Our journey began in 1993 in Morbi, Gujarat, India, where the dream of setting new standards of excellence took shape. Varmora Group has successfully diversified into multiple divisions including Varmora Granito, Varmora Flex, Varmora Fastener, and Varmora InfoTech. From the inception, we aim higher setting new standards in quality and innovation. The range of Varmora Plastech products is superior in quality and highly durable. They are designed to be both functional and eye-catching. We understand the dynamics of modern families and cater to individuals of all ages-from school kids to working professionals, homemakers to retirees. Our products resonate with the needs of each family member, embodying the essence of togetherness and care. As we continue our journey, we invite you to be a part of our story. With each creation, we share a piece of ourselves, fostering a bond of trust and innovation.

Our commitment to promoting a healthier lifestyle and better eating habits reflects our deep understanding of the role our products play in everyday well-being. As we take each step, we’re humbled to witness how our products are becoming a part of households worldwide, reshaping routines, and enhancing lives. At Varmora Plastech, we’re `not just creating products; we’re innovating happiness for families across India.


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varmora chairman Bhavesh Varmora

Chairman’s Desk

Meet Bhavesh Varmora, the Chairman of Varmora Group, a mentor and a committed leader. Bhavesh’s guidance has not only directed our business but has also sparked renewed energy within the teams he has led. His boldness to embrace the unknown, his willingness to challenge conventions, and his unyielding courage have played a vital role in achieving Varmora Group’s expansion goals and steering the M&A strategy. His journey inspires us, his leadership empowers us, and his vision propels us.


Bhavesh Varmora


Group Chairman

Our visionary and Founder of Varmora Plastech, entered the plastic space with one clear goal in mind. To make a healthy option affordable for everyone.

Managing Director

One of the co-founders, the organisation owes all it’s success to his loyalty and grit. A quiet, resolute man, his single minded determination makes things possible.

Director of Sales & Marketing

The youngest of the lot, he brings the vision, enthusiasm and fervor to drive the organization through the nuances of the ever changing environment of the 21st century.


A Glimpse into Our Remarkable Journey


From acquiring land and machinery to nationwide distribution, our journey began with determination and a vision.


We established a Pan-India trade network and expanded to 16 countries in a year’s time, sharing our products with the world.


We earned the No. 1 Best Exhibitor Brand Display Award by Plast India for marking our innovative stall design. We ventured abroad, showcasing at the Hong Kong Fair Exhibition.


Our voyage continued internationally, participating in China’s Canton Fair and New Delhi’s Houseware & Homeware Exhibition, winning the “Best Plastic Kitchenware Products”. Also participated in Mumbai’s HGH India 2017 Exhibition.


Manufactured 200 Homeware SKUs, and was awarded the “Gujarat Brand Leadership” by the ABP News award, signifying our growing influence.


We nurtured connections in India’s southern zone, fostering relationships through dealer meets across the north and west.


Launch of our innovative Insulated water bottle range with the best quality in the market. We soared in exports to the UAE and Saudi Arabia, a testament to our quality.


Established Modern Trade customers in east zones of India and achieved a milestone of crafting 300 Homeware SKUs in the homeware category.


This remarkable year witnessed our sales reaching unprecedented heights, a testament to our dedication.


A Forbes Magazine feature celebrated our journey, reflecting the shared strides we’ve taken.