Varmora Roma | Hot Insulated Casserole | Inner Stainless Steel & PUF Exterior | BPA Free & Food Grade Plastic | 1100 ML , 1600 ML , 2200 ML , 2700 ML


Elevate your dining experience with Varmora’s Hot Insulated Casserole . Its outer body, crafted from BPA-free, Food Grade plastic, ensures health and safety, while the stainless steel interior retains warmth.

The functional lid guarantees effortless closing and opening, making it an indispensable addition to your kitchen.

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We understand the need to keep your food fresh, warm, and flavorful, especially when you’re preparing meals for your loved ones or hosting guests. Traditional storage solutions often fail to retain the warmth and freshness of the food, leading to reheating and compromising on taste.

Reheating can rob your dishes of their original flavor, and sometimes, the food might even become dry or overcooked. Furthermore, using containers that aren’t made from food-grade materials can be harmful to your health in the long run.

Solution: Introducing Varmora’s Roma – Hot Insulated Casserole – a perfect blend of elegance and efficiency for your kitchen.

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Assorted Colors, Blue, Green, Maroon

Capacity (Ml.)

1100 ml, 1600 ml, 2200 ml, 2700 ml

●      BPA Free: Ensures that your food is stored in a safe environment, free from harmful chemicals.

●      Food Grade Plastic: Made from 100% Virgin Plastic, guaranteeing the purity and safety of your food.

●      PUF Insulated: Retains the warmth and freshness of your dishes for extended periods.

●      Microwave Safe: Conveniently reheat your food without transferring to another container.

●      Dishwasher Safe: Hassle-free cleaning, making your post-meal times relaxed.

●      FDA Approved: Adheres to the highest standards of safety and health regulations.

●      Leak Proof: No more messy spills or accidents.

●      Unbreakable: Durable and designed to last, ensuring you get value for your money.


The Roma casserole is not just a storage solution; it’s a promise of warmth, freshness, and health. Whether it’s chapatis, dosas, gravies, or any other dish, serve them just as they were intended – hot and delicious. The functional lid ensures easy access, while the recyclable plastic material stands as a testament to our commitment to the environment.


Choose Roma by Varmora, where style meets substance.