Varmora Aqua Oxy | FDA Approved BPA-Free | 100% Food-Grade | 750 ML, 1000ML


Stay refreshed and hydrated with Plastic Water Bottle by Varmora, a BPA-free water bottle.

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When it comes to everyday hydration, ordinary water bottles may not meet your standards. You need something that not only keeps your water pure but also complements your lifestyle.

Picture yourself sipping from a water bottle that not only quenches your thirst but also ensures your health and convenience are a top priority.

Solution: Introducing Varmora’s Plastic Water Bottle, your perfect hydration companion. Crafted with care, this water bottle is designed to elevate your daily hydration experience.

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Dimensions N/A

Tr Blue, Tr Brown, Tr Grey, Tr Violet

Capacity (Ml.)

1000 ml, 750 ml

  • FDA Approved & BPA Free: We prioritize your well-being. Aqua Oxy is rigorously tested and FDA approved, made from 100% BPA-free, Grade 1 high-quality food-grade plastic.
  • Hygienic & 100% Food Grade Material: Your health matters. Our bottle maintains the purity of your beverages, ensuring each sip is refreshing and safe.
  • Easy to Open and Clean: Convenience at your fingertips. Aqua Oxy’s design makes it effortless to open and clean.
  • Translucent Body: Easily monitor your water intake with the translucent body, adding a touch of modern elegance.
  • Refrigerator Safe: Fit perfectly in your refrigerator door, always have chilled water ready to quench your thirst.
  • Leak-Proof: Say goodbye to spills. Aqua Oxy features a liquid-tight cap that keeps your bag dry.
  • Odor Free: Enjoy the pure taste of water, free from unwanted odors.

The Aqua Oxy Plastic Water Bottle is not just a water bottle; it’s a symbol of your commitment to a healthier, more convenient, and eco-friendly way of staying hydrated. Elevate your daily routine with Aqua Oxy. Cheers to a well-hydrated life!