Varmora Clip N Fresh | Steel Container With Plastic Lid | Airtight & FDA-Approved | Space-Saving Design | 100% Food-Grade Material | 300 ML, 390 ML, 520 ML


Revolutionize your kitchen storage with Plastic Containers by Varmora—an ingenious solution to maximize storage, ensure airtight freshness, and save space efficiently.

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In Indian kitchens, storage challenges are abundant, especially in urban households with limited space. Managing your pantry and keeping it organized can be a daunting task.

Imagine having a set of Plastic Containers in your kitchen—a smart, space-saving solution that allows you to store more in less space while ensuring airtight freshness. No more cluttered shelves, and no more wasted space.

Solution: Introducing our Clip N Fresh Steel Container With Plastic Lid—a perfect solution to transform your kitchen storage. These containers are designed with intelligence, enabling you to optimize your storage space effectively and maintain the freshness of your ingredients.

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Dimensions N/A

Blue, Raspberry Pink

Capacity (Ml.)

300 ml, 390 ml, 520 ml

  • Store More in Less Space: The innovative design of these containers allows you to maximize storage capacity while taking up minimal space in your kitchen.
  • Airtight and Safe: Keep your food fresher for longer with the airtight seal, preventing moisture and air from spoiling your ingredients. Your food stays safe from contaminants.
  • Made in Accordance with FDA and ISO Standards: We prioritize your health and safety. These containers are manufactured in compliance with FDA and ISO standards, ensuring the highest quality and safety.

The Clip N Fresh Storage Steel Container With Plastic Lid by Varmora are here to revolutionize your kitchen storage experience. It’s not just a set of containers; it’s a symbol of your commitment to a more organized, space-efficient, and well-managed kitchen. Upgrade your pantry and enjoy the benefits of efficient storage and freshness preservation!