Varmora Utility Cooker | Microwave Idli Maker | FDA Approved & BPA-Free | 100% Food Grade Container | Faster Cooking | Temperature Resistant


Our Microwave Idli Make is the perfect kitchen companion. Crafted from extra-graded high-quality plastic, it’s FDA-approved, BPA-free, and designed to withstand extreme temperatures. Experience faster cooking with efficient air circulation, all in a colorful and attractive design that’s both hygienic and 100% food-grade.

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In the modern kitchen, convenience and speed are essential. Traditional cooking methods can be time-consuming, and finding cookware that’s both efficient and safe can be a challenge. Often, kitchen tools lack durability and can’t handle the demands of today’s fast-paced lifestyles.

Cooking a quick meal, especially when hunger strikes, can be a source of frustration. The need for multiple dishes and pans, the risk of uneven heating, and concerns about the safety of cookware can create stress and hinder meal preparation.

Our Microwave Idli Maker in a captivating shade of blue provides a reliable solution to these common kitchen challenges:

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  • FDA Approved & BPA Free: Your health is paramount. Our Microwave Idli Maker is FDA-approved and BPA Free, ensuring that your meals are cooked and reheated safely.
  • Versatile Cooking: This cooker is a versatile addition to your kitchen arsenal. It’s designed to prepare a variety of dishes, from perfectly fluffy rice to quick instant noodles, with ease.
  • Faster Cooking with Air Circulation: Experience the convenience of faster cooking through efficient air circulation. Say goodbye to long cooking times and unevenly heated dishes.
  • Temperature Resistant and Highly Durable: Crafted from extra-graded high-quality plastic, this utility cooker can withstand extreme temperatures, ensuring it remains durable and reliable for years to come.
  • Colorful and Attractive Design: Not only is it functional, but our Microwave Idli Maker also boasts a stylish and attractive design. It adds a pop of color to your kitchen while making meal preparation a breeze.
  • Hygienic & 100% Food Grade Material: We understand the importance of food safety. Our Idli maker is made from 100% food-grade material, guaranteeing that your meals are prepared in a clean and hygienic environment.

Hand Wash Only: Ensure longevity by hand washing the idli maker with liquid soap and lukewarm water.
Avoid Extreme Temperatures: Shield it from sudden temperature changes to preserve its structural integrity.
Avoid Sharp Objects: Prevent scratches and damage by avoiding the use of sharp utensils or objects.
Use Mild Detergents: When cleaning, opt for mild detergents to protect the vibrant colors and materials of the idli maker.