Varmora Partition Plate | FDA Approved & BPA-Free | 6 Divided Sections | Hygienic 100% Food-Grade Material | Perfect for Parties and Functions


Serve your favorite dishes with ease and style using the Plastic Partition Plate by Varmora—a versatile plate designed for birthday parties, social gatherings, and family functions. This FDA-approved, BPA-free plate features six divided sections to prevent spilling and dripping of contents.

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When it comes to serving food at gatherings and parties, regular plates may not provide the convenience and functionality you need. Food can spill and mix, leading to a messy dining experience.

Imagine hosting a birthday party or a family function and serving delicious dishes on a plate that keeps everything neatly separated. No more worries about food mixing or spilling over.

Solution: Introducing our Plastic Partition Plate—a perfect solution to elevate your dining experience at parties and functions. This plate is thoughtfully designed to enhance convenience and hygiene while keeping your dishes organized.

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  • FDA Approved & BPA Free: Your health and safety are our top priorities. Our partition plate is rigorously tested, FDA approved, and free from harmful BPA, ensuring that your meals are worry-free.
  • Material: Polyethylene and Polypropylene: Crafted from high-quality materials, this plate is durable and built to last, making it perfect for repeated use during various occasions.
  • 6 Partitions of Varying Sizes: The plate features six divided sections, each of varying sizes, allowing you to serve a variety of dishes without worrying about mixing flavors.
  • Non-Toxic and Non-Carcinogenic: Our partition plate is made from non-toxic and non-carcinogenic materials, ensuring the safety of your food.
  • Hygienic & 100% Food Grade Material: Made from 100% food-grade material, our plate maintains the purity and hygiene of your dishes, ensuring each bite is delicious and safe.

The Partition Plate by Varmora is here to transform your party and function dining experience. It’s not just a plate; it’s a symbol of your commitment to both convenience and well-being. Serve your favorite dishes with confidence and keep them beautifully organized. Cheers to a more enjoyable and hassle-free way of dining at gatherings!