Varmora SS Executive | Set of 4 – Stainless Steel Lunch Box For Office | Insulated Carry Bag Included | Airtight & Leak-Proof | FDA Approved & BPA-Free

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Elevate your office lunch experience with the Varmora SS Executive Stainless Steel Lunch Box Set. This ensemble features 4 airtight and leak-proof containers, perfectly designed for office meals.

Complete with an insulated carry bag, this set is both stylish and functional. The stainless steel construction ensures durability, and the FDA-approved, BPA-free material prioritizes your health.

Key Features: ✅ Set of 4 Airtight & Leak-Proof Containers ✅ Insulated Carry Bag Included ✅ Stylish Design for Office Use ✅ FDA Approved & BPA-Free

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In today’s busy world, maintaining a healthy and satisfying lunch routine can be challenging. Rushed mornings, limited options, and the absence of proper food storage solutions often contribute to this problem.

The daily struggle to enjoy a well-prepared and warm meal during office hours or school breaks can lead to frustration, compromised nutrition, and even a decline in overall well-being. Traditional lunchboxes are often flimsy and lack the features needed to keep food fresh and enjoyable.

Solution: The Stainless Steel Lunch Box For Office is your solution to these lunchtime challenges. Meticulously designed for both durability and style, it addresses these issues with finesse.

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Dimensions 14.5 × 14.5 × 13 cm



Blue, Red


Stainless Steel

No Of Containers


Elevate your lunchtime routine with the Varmora SS Executive Stainless Steel Lunch Box . Say goodbye to cold and uninspiring lunches and hello to warm, satisfying meals that you’ll look forward to every day. It’s more than a lunchbox; it’s a lifestyle upgrade for those who appreciate the combination of quality, style, and convenience.

  • Airtight and Leak-Proof Round Container: The airtight and leak-proof round container ensures that your food stays fresh and securely sealed until you’re ready to indulge in your meal.
  • Stainless Steel Containers: Crafted from superior quality stainless steel, these containers not only maintain the temperature of your food but also provide durability that stands the test of time.
  • Comes with Insulated Bag: The included insulated carry bag not only adds a touch of style but also keeps your food safe, warm, and ready to enjoy. It’s the ideal companion for office-goers and school attendees.
  • Attractive and Stylish: Varmora understands that presentation matters. The SS Executive Lunch Assorted set is designed to make a statement with its attractive and stylish appearance.
  • Unbreakable and Durable: Built to last, these containers resist breaking, cracking, or shattering, ensuring long-term use and value for money.
  • Dishwasher Safe: Ease of cleaning is crucial. Our containers are dishwasher safe, ensuring hassle-free cleaning and maintenance.
  • 100% Food-Grade Material: Our containers are made with high-quality, food-grade materials, ensuring that your food remains pure, safe, and uncontaminated.
  • ISO Certified: Varmora’s commitment to quality is backed by ISO certification, which guarantees that our products meet international standards in terms of quality and safety.
  • FDA Approved, BPA Free: Your health is paramount, which is why our Stainless Steel Lunch Box is FDA approved and free from harmful BPA, ensuring the safety and purity of your meals.


Ensure the longevity of your Varmora SS Executive Stainless Steel Lunch Box by following these instructions

  1. Hand wash with mild soap and lukewarm water.
  2. Use the insulated carry bag for added freshness.
  3. Avoid using sharp utensils to prevent scratches.
  4. Microwave-safe (remove lids).
  5. Enjoy a hassle-free and fresh lunch at the office!