Varmora Wonder Lunch | Plastic Tiffin Box For Kids | Dual Color Design | FDA-Approved BPA-Free Material | Classic Airtight Seal | Lightweight & Spill-Proof

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Introducing Varmora Wonder Lunch plastic tiffin box designed specifically for kids. With its vibrant dual-color design and FDA-approved BPA-free material, it guarantees both safety and style. Featuring a classic airtight seal and spill-proof construction, this lightweight lunchbox ensures a hassle-free dining experience for your little ones.

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When it comes to packing a joyful and nutritious meal for your child, ordinary lunch boxes might not do justice. You need something that not only keeps food fresh but also adds a splash of fun to mealtime.

Imagine your child eagerly opening their lunch box to find vibrant dual colors that make lunchtime a delightful adventure.

Solution: Introducing our Air-Tight Plastic Lunch Box for kids—a game-changer for parents who want to ensure their child enjoys a high-quality meal with a dash of style. This lunch box is meticulously designed to provide freshness, convenience, and a touch of joy to mealtime.

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Dimensions 15.5 × 15.5 × 5.5 cm



Food Grade Plastic

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  • FDA-Approved & BPA-Free: Your child’s health is paramount. Our lunch box is rigorously tested and FDA approved, free from harmful BPA, ensuring their meal stays safe.
  • Classic Airtight Seal: Lock in the nutrition and keep food airtight, so your child enjoys a fresh and delicious meal.
  • Attractive Design & Unique Dual Color: Add a pop of color to your child’s day with our vibrant and stylish dual-color design.
  • Four Locks to Prevent Spillage: Say goodbye to spills. Our lunch box features four secure locks to keep the meal in place.
  • Lightweight & Handy: Designed with kids in mind, it’s easy to carry and fits perfectly in school bags.
  • Hygienic & 100% Food-Grade Material: Made from 100% food-grade material, it ensures the purity of your child’s meal, guaranteeing every bite is safe and enjoyable.
  1. Hand Wash Only: To maintain the quality and durability of the tiffin box, it is recommended to hand wash it with mild detergent and lukewarm water.
  2. Allow to Air Dry: After washing, make sure to thoroughly dry the tiffin box before storing it or using it again. Allowing it to air dry helps prevent mold and mildew growth.
  3. Do Not Use Abrasive Cleaners: Avoid using abrasive cleaners, harsh chemicals, or rough scrubbers, as they can scratch or damage the surface of the tiffin box.
  4. Store with Lid Open: When not in use, store the tiffin box with the lid slightly open to allow air circulation and prevent any potential odors from lingering.