Varmora Matrix Kit | Set of 12 | Fresh, Odor-Free, & Stylish Food Storage | Space-Saving Design


Keep your food fresh, odour-free, and healthy with our Sqaure Plastic Container Set by Varmora—Magnum’s square and oval containers designed for convenient storage and food preservation.

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Ordinary containers often fail to maintain the freshness and hygiene of your stored food, leading to waste and concerns about health.

Imagine having a set of containers that not only keep your food fresh but also make storage easier and more stylish. Picture being able to check your food’s volume and content from any angle.

Solution: Introducing our sqaure Plastic Container with lids Set by Varmora—a versatile set of Oval & Square Containers. This kit is designed to elevate your food storage experience, ensuring freshness and convenience.

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  • Convenient Sizes for Individual Needs: Multiple sizes to suit your storage requirements, reducing food wastage.
  • Retains Food Freshness & Hygiene: The airtight seals and Magnum design keep your food fresh and hygienic, reducing spoilage.
  • See-Through Windows on All Sides: Check your storage volume and content from any angle without opening the containers.
  • Unique Stackable Design: Save space in your kitchen cabinets with our stackable containers that utilize every inch effectively.
  • Refrigerator Friendly: Store your containers in the refrigerator without worries, keeping your food fresh and cool.

Upgrade your food storage with the Matrix Kit—Magnum’s Oval & Square Containers. They’re not just containers; they’re a symbol of your commitment to food freshness and convenience. Say goodbye to food wastage and hello to healthier meals with ease!