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Varmora Glory Square Container | Air-Tight Lid | Transparent & Space-Efficient | Hygienic 100% Food-Grade Material | 5 LTR, 7 LTR, 10 LTR

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Varmora Glory Square Container Set | Unique Shape for Versatile Storage | Easy-to-Open Lid | Transparent & Space-Efficient | Hygienic 100% Food-Grade Material

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Varmora Magnum Square | Convenient Sizes | Air-Tight Seals | 100% Food-Grade Material | 1300 ML, 2800 ML, 4200 ML, 5700 ML, 7000 ML

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Varmora Magnum Square Full Set | Modern Design | Convenient Sizes | Air-Tight Seals | Hygienic 100% Food-Grade Material

varmora sqaure plastic container set
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Varmora Matrix Kit | Set of 12 | Fresh, Odor-Free, & Stylish Food Storage | Space-Saving Design

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Varmora V Fresh Assorted | FDA Approved | BPA-Free | Fun Colors | Fresh and Hygienic Food Storage | 3 LTR, 4.5 LTR, 6 LTR



Product Overview

Square plastic containers are a versatile and practical choice for various storage needs. Their unique shape offers several advantages, making them a popular choice among consumers. These containers redefine storage, maximizing space efficiency and promoting seamless organization. Ideal for kitchens, these square containers are perfect for your pantry and even your fridge. From leftovers, spices, snacks, and cereals these airtight seal preserves freshness. The modular design enhances stacking, optimizing storage space. 

Key Features of Varmora Plastic Containers

  • FDA Approved: Our square plastic containers meet stringent FDA standards, ensuring the safety of your stored items.
  • BPA-Free: You can trust that our containers are free from harmful BPA materials.
  • ISO Certified: Our commitment to quality is evident through ISO certification, ensuring consistent product excellence.
  • Food Grade: These containers are designed for safe food storage, maintaining the freshness of your ingredients.
  • Dishwasher Safe: Cleaning up is a breeze as these containers are dishwasher safe.
  • Freezer Safe: Safeguard your frozen goods with our freezer-safe square plastic containers.
  • Airtight: Our containers feature airtight seals, keeping your contents fresh and preventing spills.
  • Microwave Safe: These small containers are microwave-safe, so you can reheat meals quickly and conveniently.

Range and Versatility

Our large square plastic containers with lids provide ample space for storing bulk items, leftovers, or meal preparations. The secure lids ensure freshness and prevent spills, making them an excellent choice for your kitchen storage needs.

Design Benefits of Square Shape Plastic Containers

  • Space Efficiency: Square containers maximize storage space in your cabinets, fridge, or pantry.
  • Stackable: Easily stackable, these containers help you make the most of your available storage space.
  • Organized Storage: The square shape facilitates neat and organized storage, making it easy to locate items.

Usage Tips and Care Instructions

  • Cleaning: To maintain the longevity of your square plastic containers, clean them with mild detergent and warm water.
  • Stacking: For efficient storage, stack containers with care, ensuring lids are securely closed.


How Airtight Are The Lids On Your Square Plastic Containers For Food?

Our lids offer airtight seals, ensuring freshness and preventing spills. Trust in the secure design for reliable food storage.

Can I Stack Different Sizes Of Square Shape Plastic Containers On Top Of Each Other?

Yes, our square containers are designed for easy stacking, allowing you to organize and save space efficiently. Mix and match different sizes effortlessly.

What Is The Capacity Of Your Large Square Plastic Containers With Lids?

The large square containers boast generous capacities, catering to your storage needs. Check product specifications for exact volume details.

Are The Containers Freezer Safe And Do They Resist Cracking At Low Temperatures?

Our containers are freezer-safe and resilient in low temperatures, minimizing the risk of cracking. Enjoy the convenience of storing food with confidence. 

Are The Containers Made From Recyclable Materials?

Committed to sustainability, our containers are crafted from recyclable materials, minimizing environmental impact.

What Is Your Return Policy If I Am Not Satisfied With The Containers?

If you’re unsatisfied, our return policy ensures a hassle-free process. Refer to our website for detailed information on returns and customer satisfaction.

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