Varmora | Fridge Food Storage Containers | Rectangular Shape | Transparent w/ Pink Lid | Freezer Safe | Available in 7 Sizes | Food-Grade Plastic


Revolutionize your fridge storage with Varmora’s Fridge Food Storage Containers. Seven sizes, one solution for fresh, organized, and modern living.

Made from FDA approved , BPA-free & food-grade plastic, these containers ensure the safety and freshness of your food.

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In the hustle and bustle of daily life, maintaining the freshness of your food, optimizing fridge space, and achieving a modern, organized look can be daunting. Ordinary storage solutions often lack the innovation required for contemporary living, leaving your kitchen cluttered and disorganized.

Picture a fridge where every food is stored impeccably, where your supplies are visible, and your storage solutions enhance the aesthetic of your space. Envision a scenario where your food stays fresh, your fridge is organized, and your lifestyle is healthy and modern.

Solution: Introducing our Fridge Food Storage Containers—a versatile and innovative solution designed for the modern Indian kitchen. With seven convenient sizes, this set is crafted to optimize space, preserve freshness, and lend a contemporary touch to your culinary haven.

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Upgrade your kitchen with Varmora’s Store Fresh Fridge Food Storage Containers and experience the perfect blend of freshness, organization, and modern design. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a fridge that reflects your contemporary lifestyle. Elevate your culinary experience today!

  • Available in 7 Convenient Sizes: Tailored to meet individual needs, our set offers a variety of sizes, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for every ingredient or item in your kitchen.
  • Textured Surface: Resists scratches and finger marks, ensuring a non-slip grip and maintaining a pristine look even with daily use.
  • Unique Stackable Modular Design: Optimize your kitchen cabinet space with our stackable and modular design, allowing for efficient utilization of every inch.
  • See-Through Window: A unique design feature that lets you monitor your supplies, ensuring you never run low, while adding a modern, organized aesthetic to your kitchen.
  • Preserve Freshness: Varmora’s Store Fresh containers keep your food fresher for longer, preserving nutrients and flavors for a healthier lifestyle.
  • Space-Saving Stacking Quality: Save valuable refrigerator space and bring order to your kitchen with our containers’ stacking quality.
  • Maintain Nutrient Integrity: By sealing in freshness, our containers keep the nutrients of your food intact, contributing to a healthier life for you and your family.
  • Airtight and Leakproof: Keeps food fresh and prevents spills.
  • Unbreakable Design: Durable and long-lasting, even in extreme temperatures.
  • Microwave and Dishwasher Safe: Adds convenience and ease of use.
  • Deep Freeze Compatibility: Perfect for long-term storage without impacting container integrity.
  • 100% Food-Grade Material: Our containers are made with high-quality, food-grade materials, ensuring that your food remains pure, safe, and uncontaminated.
  • Airtight and Leak Proof: The airtight seals preserve freshness and prevent leaks, keeping your food fresher for longer and your kitchen mess-free.
  • FDA Approved and BPA Free: Ensures safe food storage without harmful chemicals.
  • ISO Certified Quality: Guarantees high standards in manufacturing.


To keep your Varmora Fridge Food Storage Containers  in top condition, please adhere to these care guidelines:

  • Gentle Hand Washing: For lasting airtight seals and to prevent any damage, we advise hand washing the containers using mild soap and warm water.
  • Managing Temperature Shifts: Our containers are freezer-friendly, but to avoid warping, let them gradually adjust to room temperature before moving between the freezer and microwave.
  • Regular Seal Checks: Routinely inspect the seals for wear or damage, replacing them when needed to ensure continued airtight performance

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