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Varmora Freezer Containers
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Varmora | Air-Tight Plastic Freezer / Fridge Containers | Set of 2 | Transparent With Blue Lid | Food-Grade Material | Stackable Design | FDA Approved & BPA-Free | 350 ML, 800 ML, 1800 ML

Varmora Freezer Containers
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Varmora | Freezer / Fridge Storage Containers | 100% Food-Grade Plastic | Transparent w/ Blue Lid | FDA Approved & BPA-Free | Stackable Design | Refrigerator & Deep Freezer Safe

Varmora Fridge Storage ContainersOut of stock
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Varmora | Freezer / Fridge Storage Containers | Trasparent W/t Blue Lid | Food-Grade Plastic | Stackable Design | FDA Approved & BPA-Free | 5000 ML

Freezer Storage Boxes
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Varmora | Fridge Food Storage Containers | Rectangular Shape | Transparent w/ Pink Lid | Freezer Safe | Available in 7 Sizes | Food-Grade Plastic

Varmora Plastic Storage Containers For Fridge
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Varmora Freezer / Fridge Storage Containers | Transparent w/ Blue Lid | Food-Grade Plastic | Set of 4 | Stackable Design | FDA Approved & BPA-Free | 90 ML

Freezer Containers For Fruit
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Varmora Freshia | Plastic Fridge Containers | Airtight | Food Grade Plastic | FDA Approved & BPA-Free | 500 ML, 900 ML


Product Overview

Explore our range of Plastic Fridge Containers, the perfect solution for organizing and preserving your food in the refrigerator. Our selection includes a variety of sizes and designs tailored to fit every need, from vegetable containers to comprehensive food storage solutions.

Benefits of Using Fridge Containers

Utilizing fridge containers for food storage comes with numerous advantages, enhancing both your kitchen’s functionality and your overall food management. Here are seven key benefits:

  1. Extended Freshness: Our containers are designed to seal in freshness, keeping your fruits, vegetables, and other perishables fresh for a longer period.
  2. Reduced Food Waste: By keeping food visible and organized, you’re more likely to use what you have, reducing the amount of food that gets forgotten and spoiled.
  3. Space Optimization: Stackable and space-efficient designs help maximize the use of your fridge space, making it easier to store and find items.
  4. Improved Hygiene: Individual containers prevent cross-contamination between different types of food, maintaining a more hygienic environment in your fridge.
  5. Ease of Use: With user-friendly designs, our containers simplify the process of storing and accessing your food items.
  6. Versatility: These containers are suitable for a wide range of food types, from dry goods to liquids, making them versatile additions to any kitchen.
  7. Aesthetic Appeal: A well-organized fridge with matching containers not only functions better but also looks more appealing, enhancing the overall look of your kitchen.

Types of Freezer Containers Available

  • Varmora Fridge Safe
  • Varmora Fridge Safe (Set of 2)
  • Varmora Fridge Safe (Set of 4)
  • Varmora Freezer Safe Full Set
  • Varmora Freshia
  • Varmora Store Fresh

Features of Varmora Fridge Containers

Our containers are packed with features:

  • FDA Approved and BPA Free: Ensures food safety and health.
  • ISO Certified Quality: High standards in manufacturing.
  • Airtight and Leakproof: Preserves freshness and prevents spills.
  • Unbreakable Design: Durable for everyday use.
  • Microwave and Dishwasher Safe: For convenience and easy cleaning.
  • Deep Freeze Compatibility: Versatile for both fridge and freezer use.
  • 100% Food-Grade Material: Safe for food contact.
  • Transparent Design: Allows easy identification of contents.

Tips for Efficient Fridge Storage

To make the most out of your fridge space and keep your food fresh, follow these tips:

  • Categorize Your Items: Group similar items together in your containers for easy access and organization (e.g., dairy, meats, vegetables).
  • First In, First Out: Arrange your containers so that older items are in front, ensuring you use them before they expire.
  • Use Transparent Containers: This allows you to quickly see what’s inside without having to open each container.
  • Adjust Container Sizes: Choose container sizes based on the quantity of food you usually store to avoid wasting space.
  • Label and Date: Label your containers with contents and dates to keep track of freshness and avoid food waste.

Care and Maintenance

Proper care and maintenance of your fridge containers will extend their life and effectiveness:

  • Wash Before First Use: Clean the containers with mild soap and water before initial use.
  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Use gentle cleaners to prevent damage to the containers.
  • Dry Completely: Make sure containers are fully dry before storing them to prevent mold and odor.
  • Regular Checks: Inspect containers and lids regularly for any signs of wear or damage.
  • Stack Carefully: When not in use, stack the containers carefully to avoid cracking or warping.


Is it healthy to store food in plastic containers in the fridge?

Yes, our containers are made from food-grade materials and are designed to be safe for food storage.

How do I choose the right size container for my fridge?

Consider the type of food and the available fridge space. Our range offers various sizes for different needs.

Can these containers be used in the freezer?

Yes, our containers are freezer safe and can withstand low temperatures without cracking.

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