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varmora Rectangular Plastic Storage Containers
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Varmora Novelty | Plastic Storage Containers | Rectangular Shape | BPA-Free | Transparent Body | Air-Tight Seals | Food-Grade Material | 1200 ML, 2200 ML, 3600 ML, 5400 ML

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Varmora Novelty Container Full Set Assorted | FDA Approved BPA-Free | Transparent Body | Air-Tight Seals | Hygienic 100% Food-Grade Material

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Varmora Smart Saver | Rectangular Plastic Rice Storage Containers | Set of 2 | Airtight & Safe | Food Grade Plastic & BPA Free | 500 ML, 750 ML

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Varmora Smart Saver Assorted | More Space, Less Clutter | Airtight & Safe | FDA and ISO Certified | 1800 ML

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varmora Plastic Storage Containers | Airtight | 10 KG & 15 KG
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Varmora Smart Storage | Plastic Storage Containers | Rectangular Shape | Transparent Body | Airtight | BPA-Free | 10 KG, 15 KG



Product Overview

Rectangular Plastic Storage Containers offer unparalleled practicality and versatility, seamlessly fitting into kitchens, offices, and workshops. These containers are crafted with durable plastic and are ideal for storing times, from dry pantry goods to office supplies. Their sleek and stable design maximizes space utilization. The airtight seal makes them perfect for storing foods like grains, cereals, or even snacks. Explore the endless storage possibilities with Varmora’s rectangular plastic containers. 

Features of Plastic Storage Containers:

  • FDA Approved: Our containers meet the stringent standards set by the FDA, ensuring they are safe for storing food.
  • BPA-free: We prioritize your health by using BPA-free materials in the construction of our containers.
  • ISO Certified: Our commitment to quality is backed by ISO certification, ensuring consistency and excellence in every product.
  • Food Grade: These containers are made with food-grade materials, keeping your meals fresh and safe.
  • Microwave Safe: Reheat your meals conveniently in these microwave-safe containers.
  • Dishwasher Safe: Cleanup is a breeze as our containers are dishwasher safe.
  • Freezer Safe: Preserve your leftovers in the freezer without worrying about freezer burn.
  • Airtight: Keep your food fresh for longer with our airtight seal, locking in flavors and freshness.
  • Leak Proof: Say goodbye to messy spills with our leak-proof design.
  • Transparent Body: Easily identify the contents without having to open each container, saving you time and ensuring you use the right ingredients every time.

Types Of Plastic Storage Containers Available At Varmora 

  • Varmora Smart Saver (1800 ml): Airtight and FDA-certified, this 1800 ml container maximizes space, ensuring less clutter and more freshness, fit to keep your snacks. 
  • Varmora Smart Storage (10 kg & 15 kg): Stylish and airtight, these BPA-free containers offer fingertip freshness. FDA-approved with a 10 kg and 15 kg capacity, a perfect solution for storing cereals, pulses, flour, and rice.
  • Varmora Smart Saver Set (500 ml & 750 ml): Set of 2 airtight containers (500 ml & 750 ml)these containers are FDA-approved and you can store spices and snacks to maximize your limited kitchen space. 

The Benefits of Rectangular Plastic Storage Containers Over Square and Round

  • Space Efficiency: Rectangular shape optimizes storage space, fitting neatly in your fridge or pantry.
  • Easy Stacking: Their uniform shape makes stacking and organizing a breeze.
  • No Wasted Space: Rectangular containers maximize the use of available space without gaps.
  • Versatility: Ideal for storing a wide range of foods, from snacks to cereals.

Care and Maintenance

  • Cleaning: Simply toss these containers in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.
  • Avoiding Stains: To prevent staining, avoid reheating tomato-based sauces or strongly colored foods directly in the containers.
  • Proper Storage: Stack containers with their lids on for compact storage and to keep them dust-free.
  • Longevity: With proper care, our containers will provide years of reliable use.


Do The Lids On Tall Rectangular Plastic Containers Secure Tightly For Transport?

Yes, lids on tall rectangular plastic containers secure tightly, ensuring safe and reliable transport of your stored items.

Are The Materials Used In The Containers Eco-Friendly And Recyclable?

Our containers use eco-friendly and recyclable materials, aligning with sustainability goals for a greener and responsible choice.

Do You Offer Sets Or Individual Containers For Sale?

Both options are available. Choose from sets or individual containers based on your storage needs and preferences.

How Do Your Containers Compare To Others In Terms Of Durability And Seal Quality?

Our containers excel in durability and seal quality, outperforming others. Trust our products for long-lasting freshness and secure storage.

What Is Your Return Policy If The Containers Don’t Meet My Needs?

Check our comprehensive return policy on the website. If our containers don’t meet your needs, we ensure a hassle-free return process.

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